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The Ultimate Ride

The Ultimate Ride

3 Episodes

The Ultimate Ride is a documentary television series focused on elite Action Sports stars working to stay atop their often-dangerous professions. With unrivaled inside access, The Ultimate Ride provides a snapshot of thrilling moments and exotic missions. Shaun White snowboards Japan’s challenging backcountry, Steve Fisher kayaks Africa’s mighty Zambezi River, Robbie Maddison does the impossible on his motorcycle, while Rhys Millen attempts to become the first to backflip a truck.

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The Ultimate Ride
  • S1:E1 The Ultimate Ride

    Episode 1

    The Ultimate Ridekicks off with Olympic gold medalist and action sports superstar Shaun White venturing into the remote mountains of Japan. An unlikely tour guide on a snowboard, White tries to escape the media crush and reconnect with his snowboarding origins in the backcountry, reflecting on th...

  • S1:E1 The Ultimate Ride

    Episode 2

    Dive into The Ultimate Rideas world-renowned kayaker Steve Fisher brings together a crew of big-water pros to experience the force of Africa’s mighty Zambezi River at record levels. Steeped in the brotherhood of kayaking, Fisher and paddlers like Tyler Curtis run head-on into some of the mo...

  • S1:E3 The Ultimate Ride

    Episode 3

    Fly and flip into The Ultimate Ridewith FMX superstar Robbie Maddison and drifting world champion Rhys Millen breaking world records live in Las Vegas. After ringing in The New Year with the world record for FMX distance jumping, “Maddo” completes the step up jump record onto the Pari...